1 month: India 18
Trip date: 30 Jun 2018 - 28 Jul 2018
Application deadline: 01 Mar 2018
Pre-departure training: 01 May 2018 - 02 May 2018 Tearfund (GB)

Volunteer for one month in India this summer and work alongside children who have little or no access to education, family support or health services.

Our partner, Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta (EMC) have been doing incredible work for over 30 years, to ensure that children across Calcutta, begin to see equality and an end to poverty.

Ensuring quality education for all people, is the 4th Global Goal for Sustainable Development (SDG’s) and Tearfund take this very seriously.

The work of EMC is diverse and incredible; from homes for children who have been abandoned and lost, to rehabilitation centres for child drug addicts and a pavement club, providing education to children living on the street.

Each project is focused on helping one person at a time and believing that change is possible through God’s guidance.

One person, like Sukumar...

At just seven-years-old, Sukumar was addicted to alcohol and cannabis. His future was looking pretty bleak until he came into contact with our Tearfund partner, Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta (EMC).

Sukumar was able to live in EMC’s home and attend their school. Now at 19, Sukumar is looking ahead to a college degree in Sociology and in his spare time he loves experimenting with photography.

So, are you ready?

A month in India will both challenge you personally and stretch your faith. You will experience how the local church is at the heart of tackling poverty and injustice and have the chance to show God’s love in practical ways as you visit and learn from inspirational communities.

‘India was hands down the best experience of my life. Never have I laughed so much, had so much fun with children and adults with stories that broke my heart. It was inspiring, amazing but most of all so faith strengthening and fun!’ - Charlotte Adams

Who are we looking for?

Individuals who are flexible and adaptable and would love the chance to spend a month living in India, working in a team, alongside other volunteers and EMC staff.

What will you be doing?

  • Joining in activities with children at Pavement Club and the home for abandoned children. You could find yourself teaching arts and crafts, music and games.
  • Supporting home visits to the slums
  • Participating in the life of the local church - attending services, leading the Sunday school, working with young people and participating in worship
  • Joining in activities at a Community Care Centre
  • Helping with maintenance or admin support at the EMC offices.
  • Supporting EMC with administration

*Please note…

The cost mentioned above includes pre-departure training, insurance, debrief, a medical package, administrative costs and in-country travel, accommodation and food.
Please note, flights, visas and vaccinations are not included.

For more information about additional costs, check out our ‘All you need to know’ section.

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Spending time in India was eye opening, amazing and extremely faith strengthening.

Anne Ballard

India was hands down the best experience of my life. Never have I laughed so much, has so much fun with children and adults with stories that broke my heart so much. It was inspiring, amazing and heartbreaking but most of all so faith strengthening and fun!

Charlotte Adams

Going to India was an incredible privilege to see God’s power transforming the lives of people who came from extreme poverty. It was amazing to be involved with the projects and build relationships with the children, being part of what God is doing in their lives!

Jemimah Hicks
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