Prayer is the lifeblood of everything we do. We depend on it. We can't hope to bring healing to a suffering world without God's help. Please join us, and thousands of churches across the world, in prayer today.

Stories from our Prayer Team

  • A Father's Love

    There are two significant dates marked in our calendar for this coming week: Sunday is of course Father’s Day, but you may not know that Monday is ...

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  • The Meaning of Family

    Families come in many different shapes and sizes, yet we’re all united by the desire to protect and look after one another. For Lamin, a 13-year-old ...

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  • Leading the way

    A community leader takes a brave step forward to lead his community towards greater love and acceptance for people living with HIV. And in the ...

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  • Breaking new ground

    A farmer whose land was destroyed by corporate greed finds a new lease of life; not only getting his livelihood back, but also becoming a leader in ...

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  • A stitch in time

    ‘I cried and hide myself at home for at least one week from my friends and relatives when my father asked me not to go to school anymore.’ Nandi* was ...

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  • Prayer - people praying (RS11750)

    Prayer resources

    Here you'll find previous prayer newsletters and powerpoints to help guide your prayers and talks.

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  • Mother on a Mission

    All Regatu ever wanted was a decent life for her children. But for this mother of two from Ethiopia, that never seemed like a possibility. She didn’t ...

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