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Join a community of believers as we help people across the motherland help themselves out of extreme poverty.

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Poverty is robbing people of their freedom, their self-esteem and their futures. But there's one thing that poverty can’t handle: the power of an awakened church.

We’re working with local churches and other Christian organisations across Africa and the Caribbean, to empower people to overcome poverty through the creation of groundbreaking self-help groups (SHGs). 

The self-help revival

It’s a very similar concept to what is known as susu in Ghana, ajo in Nigeria, or pardner in Jamaica. Each SHG consists of 15-20 people who voluntarily come together and start saving small amounts of money each week. Group members learn to use the gifts and talents they already have to find their own long-lasting solutions to poverty. From the group’s savings, they share loans to set up small businesses, helping their families and communities flourish. 

£10 a month could set up and support a new self-help group. Join the revolution and awaken people’s hope today.

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Awakened People

Lives are being transformed as people are being empowered to step out of poverty and into new possibilities. 

SHG households are up to 50 per cent more able to provide for their families. Training helps them adapt farming methods to cope better with flooding or drought.

Women are becoming more independent, starting businesses and having a voice. Daughters are going to school and there’s a reduction in the incidence of female genital cutting (FGC) in communities where an SHG is present.

SHG group members have their sense of purpose, dignity and hope restored. They are more self-confident, less anxious, and likely to pursue new opportunities.

Members are encouraged to be good stewards of God’s earth – engaging in more sustainable farming practices.

The savings culture helps individuals manage their finances, avoid predatory moneylenders (loan sharks), access education and healthcare, and plan for the future.

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People like you make this work possible.

By joining Awakened, you can help people like Abraham to use their gifts and talents to overcome poverty. Your support will put the power back into the hands of people living in poverty.

When you sign up, you’ll receive regular email updates to show you how your giving is changing people’s lives. We’ll also include ways in which you can pray with us as we seek God’s face and intercede for this amazing work. 

£10 a month could set up and support a new self-help group. Join the revolution and awaken people’s hope today.

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