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A struggle to survive

It would be easy for Jessy to give up. Her husband, one of her sons and her daughter in-law died of HIV. Now she struggles to provide for her remaining children and grandchildren. The crops she relies on have been ravaged by flooding. Your gift can make a difference for people like her today.

Give to Tearfund's Christmas appeal

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Deadly hunger

Jessy’s village in Malawi is close to a river. She’s had two houses destroyed by the floods. The family suffers from hunger for many months of the year. Jessy has been so hungry that she has collapsed. A nutritious diet is important for everyone, but especially for her family – several of whom live with HIV.

Jessy has known a number of people in the village die from hunger, including a breastfeeding mother and her baby. ‘I may be next,’ she says.

Protecting their future

Tearfund’s local church partners are working alongside communities like Jessy’s. They’re planting trees along riverbanks to help prevent flooding. They’re also training farmers how to make and use organic fertiliser and plant crops that can withstand difficult weather conditions. This work changes lives, and is only possible through the support of people like you.

Hope is the greatest gift of all. This Christmas, you can give hope to people like Jessy around the world.

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