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Christmas Appeal Your donation doubled £1 = £2

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Church Christmas Appeal

All donations will be DOUBLED by SPAR, EUROSPAR, VIVO and VIVOXTRA up to £250,000 from 1 November to 31 December 2022

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Restoring hearts of peace…

Destruction isn’t the only thing that conflict leaves behind. Even when the violence is over, fear remains. Peace can be hard to find in the hearts of families who are left to pick up the pieces. Communities have to rebuild from scratch. Parents live in constant fear for their children’s futures.

This Christmas, you could help give them a heart of peace once more.

In places like Burundi – where the aftermath of conflict is hunger and fear – our local church partners are helping to restore peace to communities as they recover and rebuild. They’re starting up self-help groups to provide savings and income opportunities for mothers, like Divine, returning home after conflict forced them away. Alongside this, peacebuilding work is ensuring they don’t have to fear the future.

‘The church has played a significant role in restoring peace,’ says Normand, who helps lead Tearfund’s local partner, Help Channel Burundi. ‘Delivering messages of hope and comfort that have enabled communities to welcome the returning refugees.’

This can only happen with the support of churches like yours.

And thanks to matched funding from a group of generous Tearfund supporters, this year your church’s donation will be doubled! That means double the amount of vital peacebuilding work being done through local churches – helping to restore peace to hearts around the world.

Supporting the appeal is easy. We’ve got loads of free resources to help inspire and encourage your church to pray, take action and give.

Our resources include:

  • A short film you can play in your service
  • A nativity play
  • A special sermon from the Bishop of Matana, Burundi

Just fill out this short form to access all of our free Christmas resources.


A mother's fear

Divine loves to sing. The 30-year-old mother of five is a member of the choir at her local church in the village of Rwubikara, Burundi,

‘I like the song: “Let us enter the temple of God and receive his gift”,’ she tells us.

Singing is the only way she can find peace these days. Five years ago, her life was shattered.

Drought has long plagued the people of Burundi. As Divine’s life has gone on, she’s seen it get worse and worse. ‘This climate change affects our crops, which do not grow well,’ she says. When violent conflict came to Burundi, it was the last straw. They fled on foot to a refugee camp in Rwanda – a two-day walk.

Life at the camp was no relief. When Divine heard that it was finally safe to return, she jumped at the opportunity.

But even after the conflict, peace was hard to find.

Heavy hearts

Farming remains a nightmare task in the increasingly scorching heat. ‘The problem I have is the lack of food for my family,’ says Divine.

On a good day, Divine’s children will have two small meals. ‘The children who are big understand the situation, but the little ones don't know and sometimes they cry and ask for food. Sometimes when you see them crying, you too start crying.’

Her worries for her children have grown so great that it gives her panic attacks. ‘I feel a heaviness in my heart, and I have trouble breathing well,’ she shares.

Christ-shaped hope

Across Burundi and around the world, Tearfund's network of local church and Christian partners are helping people like Divine find peace again. But they need your support.

A gift from your church towards our Christmas Appeal could enable a mother, like Divine, to join a self-help group – helping her to clothe, feed and educate her children. It could also help train a Peace Champion to support families recovering from the trauma of conflict. These Peace Champions – trained through local churches – help returning refugees to reintegrate into their communities. ‘The church has been a focal point in terms of offering guidance and counselling aimed at helping these returnees feel better and safer in their community,’ says Normand.

Christ is the Prince of Peace. With Christ at the centre of everything we do, we can help restore peace to families around the world.

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