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Join us in prayer and action to see a breakthrough in the climate crisis.

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What is the Reboot Campaign?

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the world and impacted all our lives – but the climate crisis threatens even greater disruption. 

We are on course for global temperature rises that will put millions of lives at risk. As with coronavirus, it’s the poorest communities across the world who are being hit the hardest.

We are at a turning point, and the decisions we make now will shape the world for decades. The church has a vital role in shaping a better future – let’s stand together in prayer and action to see a breakthrough in the climate crisis.

Turning the tide on climate change

Call for a greener, fairer recovery

Join us in signing The Climate Coalition's declaration, calling on the UK government to lead the world in delivering a greener, fairer recovery, which limits warming to 1.5°C.

Call on the UK government to commit to a greener and fairer future.

Sign the declaration
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