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Rohingya Refugee Emergency Crisis

Thousands of Rohingya refugees have fled violence in Myanmar. Please help families who’ve lost everything.

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There is still time to make a huge difference. Your gift can provide comfort in the darkest of times.

Rojeya* is only 12, but has already endured traumas many of us can only begin to imagine. Rojeya watched as her childhood home was burnt down. She tried to escape with her family. Her two brothers were killed in front of her, one set alight and one thrown into the river.

More than 911,000 people fled violence in Myanmar and are now living in refugee camps in Bangladesh (UNICEF, April 2019), surviving in extremely basic conditions. Of these, an estimated 7,700 are orphans.

What makes life more bearable for children living in refugee camps is a safe space to recover from the trauma they have endured and to just be children.

That’s exactly what Tearfund’s child-friendly spaces offer. Your gift of £60 will make this possible by providing four children with three sessions a week at the child-friendly spaces within the camps.

Please take this moment to help families who’ve lost everything. Your gift will give hope to those hurting, especially children like Rojeya who’ve lost parents, brothers, sisters and friends.

Your gift will go directly to alleviate suffering through our programme in Bangladesh. In the event that we raise more than is needed to support these partners, your gift will be spent on similar emergency responses and to prevent the impact of disasters on other vulnerable communities.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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How often would you like to donate?
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