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Welcome to Nigeria, where our church partners are teaching innovative ways to care for God's creation


You've arrived in Nigeria, a land of plenty but where more than 40 per cent of the population lives in poverty. Despite immense natural resources, years of military rule and a protracted insurgency have left the country vulnerable to poor governance, corruption, economic instability and severe human rights violations.

Come with us and see how you're making a World of Difference in Kaduna and Plateau states, where local churches are caring for creation and releasing families from extreme poverty…

Hear from Tearfund's team in Nigeria

Watch this introductory message by Promise Salawu from Tearfund’s team in Nigeria.

How your support transforms lives

Where is Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country in West Africa, situated between the Sahel and the Gulf of Guinea. Nigeria derives its name from the River Niger, which flows through it, and shares borders with Chad and Cameroon in the east, Benin in the west and Niger in the north.

Nigeria in numbers

A new broom brings sweeping changes

Your support is transforming the lives of farmers facing a changing climate in Karshe, Kaduna state.

Abba lives with his wife, Ruth, in Karshe, a rural farming community, and they have five children.

‘We understand the power of unity now,’ says Abba. ‘Because one stick alone cannot make a broomstick. You need a whole bunch of sticks.’

Nigeria is one of the top ten countries most vulnerable to climate change, resulting in more extreme and unpredictable rainfall. The climate crisis is also causing drought, land degradation, flash floods and landslides. Abba now knows that climate change is not something he can face alone, his whole community needs to work together.

Abba lives with his wife, Ruth, in Karshe, a rural farming community, and they have five children. The couple grows a variety of produce, including ginger, corn, guinea corn, millet, yams and beans. But taking care of creation is something that was not considered important in the past.

Top: Abba’s wife Ruth, who has also learnt better farming methods. Bottom: Ruth and one of her daughters doing the washing up

‘We used to cut down trees to sell for firewood and roofing,’ says Abba. ‘We cut them down without any rules or concerns…

‘Things used to be very difficult for us before… It used to be an issue enrolling our children in school. How to raise school fees was an issue.’

But, thanks to faithful support from people like you, our partner, Rural Development Counsellor for Christian Churches in Africa (RURCON), reached out to Abba, Ruth and their whole community. Which has led to an amazing transformation…

‘I have experienced a lot of positive changes, I have prospered in so many ways’
Abba, a farmer from Karshe

‘With the coming of RURCON, we don’t cut down trees indiscriminately any more,’ explains Abba. ‘That is why we have more trees standing today, which helps our streams not to dry up. They also trained us on how to plant more trees to reduce erosion and help the soil to be fertile through the leaves that fall from the trees.’

RURCON’s mission statement is, ‘To provide service for holistic development of people through Christian Churches, organizations and direct engagement with communities in Africa.’ Working through local churches, they provide training in climate-smart integrated agricultural techniques to give farmers like Abba the skills and ability to farm in a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way.

Abba’s farm is now thriving thanks to training from Tearfund’s partner

Working in tune with creation has enabled farmers like Abba to overcome many of the challenges they face. ‘RURCON came to train us about how to care for our domestic animals and keep pests under control,’ he says.

‘They taught us how to make enough money through farming to meet our daily needs, even for months. All we used to talk about was how we were going to eat. But RURCON has helped us through their training to be self-sufficient. Now we grow enough to sell.’

By selling surplus produce, Abba has been able to save to pay for his children’s education, some of whom are now in college. And the community is spreading the message of caring for creation through farming.

‘We told other villagers the effects of cutting down trees, which led to drought,’ says Abba. ‘But that if we change our ways by not cutting down the trees, we will benefit from it – the soil will become fertile again.

‘RURCON trained a good number of us in this community and we gained so much knowledge in the process. The changes are immense and we are grateful to RURCON for bringing us out of darkness into light. I have experienced a lot of positive changes, I have prospered in so many ways.’

Abba has a message to generous supporters like you: ‘We pray that God will give you even more grace to reach out to more people like us.’

Picking up the pieces

Tearfund partner, Jos Green Centre, is a youth movement delivering alternative solutions to bring about deep-rooted change in Nigeria

Amina and her husband didn't know where to turn. They had moved to the city of Jos in central Nigeria from their rural home when her husband was given a job as a security guard at the University of Jos. But he lost it when the university decided to cut costs.

They were using his wages to build a house in the city. The bank wanted to know how they were going to pay for it.

‘Jos Green Centre has really helped us,’ says Amina. ‘They met us where we were weeping and they talked to us.’

Tearfund partner, Jos Green Centre, is a youth movement delivering alternative solutions to bring about deep-rooted change in Nigeria. They empower young people and marginalised families to become self-sufficient in environmentally sound, economically sustainable and socially just ways.

Now, Amina and her husband work together collecting discarded plastics for recycling. ‘Before they came, we used to throw away or burn the plastics,’ says Amina. ‘They told us how important it was. So we started gathering plastics for them. Then they weigh and buy it from us.’

Tearfund’s partner is helping to keep communities healthy by encouraging litter collection

The new income has made a big difference. ‘I gave my daughter some of the money we earned to buy books. She was very happy. The money has been of great help to us with the house.’

To you, and all those whose support makes transformation like this possible through regular gifts, Amina says, ‘May God bless and prosper you for helping us… We are grateful.’

A brightly painted street, lined with lamps and festoon lights strung overhead

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Poverty is not God’s plan. You are. Through your prayers and your giving, you are supporting our local church partners in communities like these in Nigeria and across the world to help end extreme poverty. Thank you. 

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