Pray for Paris and the Middle East

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As Paris mourns those killed in last Friday’s attacks, Tearfund is praying for all those affected there and by terrorist violence in other troubled parts of the world.

We also remain hopeful that our plans for a climate march in Paris on Sunday 29 November - coinciding with a summit of world leaders there to discuss new targets to limit climate change - will go ahead.

Let’s keep praying for everyone in Paris and do encourage your church to pray.

You might want to pray this prayer of peace for Paris and all those around the world affected by acts of terror, violence and war:

Lord we grieve with the people of Paris.
We grieve,
for the lives lost in senseless violence.
Our tears are shed
for those who have been wounded.

Our hearts ache
for those who are consumed by hate.
Lord have mercy,
Christ have mercy,
Lord have mercy.

Lord give wisdom,
to those who must make decisions.
Lord give your strength,
to those who seek to protect.
Lord give guidance,
to those who must respond.
Lord have mercy,
Christ have mercy,
Lord have mercy.

(Christine Sine)

Although clearly not based in any areas controlled by Islamic State, Tearfund continues to work in Syria and Iraq, as well as Lebanon and Jordan. As well as offering assistance to refugees and displaced people, our partners are involved in a number of peacebuilding projects in the region. Please pray for their work, and their safety.