Inspired Individuals Stories

  • Listen and love

    Pastor William is a prison chaplain in a detention centre in Guatemala City. He had big plans to talk to the prisoners about Jesus. God wanted him to listen first...

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  • Calling Time on FGM

    The practice of Female Genital Mutilation is still widespread in 28 African nations. For Ann-Marie Wilson, it's 28 nations too many

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  • Dismantling Division

    Twenty three years on from the genocide, meet the man who believes God is using Rwanda to teach the world about reconciliation.

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  • Disarming

    War has left a terrible legacy in The Democratic Republic of Congo; shocking levels of sexual and…

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  • Wounded Warrior

    As a young boy Benny Yu suffered a period of terrible abuse. God has inspired him to rescue other young people from the same fate.

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