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  • A matter of life and death

    Prayer is the most powerful tool we have; it underpins everything we do at Tearfund. Our mission to end extreme poverty is a spiritual…

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Iraq

    Iraq is a diverse nation in the heart of the Middle East, with a population of 37 million. Tearfund began working in Iraq following the First Gulf War in 1991. Throughout both Gulf wars, Tearfund was engaged in supporting local partners in the region of Kurdistan.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: India

    Famine was declared in the Indian state of Bihar on 20 April 1967, followed by catastrophic floods. An emergency call to the Evangelical Alliance from Dr Ben Wati of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) was one of the triggers that led to the formation of Tearfund.

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  • Renewal from Rubble

    Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby's talks about Tearfund, Jubilee and rebuilding from rubble...

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  • Family snapshots

    Most parents would like to give their children a better start in life. However, for the 767 million worldwide who live below the…

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  • From Croydon to Bolivia

    ‘What we found in Bolivia was that there is abject poverty right next to extreme affluence,’ says Chris, a 26-year-old youth worker from…

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  • Palm trees

    Fifty years, fifty countries: Honduras

    The Central American nation of Honduras is known for its rich natural resources, including vast swathes of magnificent forest. However, years of military rule, corruption, inequality, violent crime and natural disasters have made Honduras one of the most dangerous, and least developed countries in Central America.

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  • Broken Peacemakers

    The little-reported conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh still isn’t fully resolved after 30 years. However one man believes he has a surprising…

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