Stories about: Advocacy

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  • Switching on the world and turning up the potential

    Flick a switch, and your kitchen is flooded with light. At the press of a button your living room fills with music. You only need to turn a dial and your house begins to warm up. So many of us only think about energy when it doesn’t work, or when we are faced with a larger bill than usual. Yet energy can do way more than light up our homes and keep us warm.

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  • The power to learn

    Imagine how much less you would get done, if you couldn’t just flick on the light switch when it got dark. This is the challenge facing the one in seven people around the world who lack electricity. Some of those worst affected are school children.

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  • A sketch in time

    How a Tearfund partner organisation in Myanmar got their nation talking about the future, with simple pen and ink drawings.

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  • The Big Church Switch

    You recycle, you use your bike instead of the car, you eschew plastic bags. What else can you do to reduce your impact on the environment? We’ve teamed up with Christian Aid to ask people to switch their homes and churches to 100% renewable energy.

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  • Pray for Paris and the Middle East

    As Paris mourns those killed in last Friday’s attacks, Tearfund is praying for all those affected there and by terrorist violence in other troubled…

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