In Chad there is a proverb: ‘the hungry have no ears’.

If you are constantly worrying about where your next meal will come from you aren’t able to plan for the future – to think about ways that you can climb out of poverty through your initiative. All you are thinking about is ‘how can my family survive?’

At Tearfund, we don’t just want people to survive, we want them to thrive. Once you have secure access to nutritious food you can start planning for the future. This is why the first stage to climbing out of poverty is escaping hunger.

If you are constantly worrying about where your next meal will come from you aren’t able to plan for the future

Our commitment 

Tearfund is committed to seeing that no one goes hungry – even in times of crisis and disaster. We support groundbreaking schemes where communities can produce more food in ways that are environmentally sustainable and don’t require expensive chemicals or machinery.

Tearfund’s seven keys to ending hunger:

Markets: If farming is not profitable then people stop farming. This creates further poverty and hunger. Young people in particular migrate to urban areas, leaving the old and frail behind. We work to develop profitable farming models and link farmers to markets so that they can sell on surplus food.

Sustainable Agriculture: We promote a number of remarkable schemes such as the Foundations for Farming scheme and Conservation Agriculture. Farmers learn how to multiply their yield many times over with simple, sustainable farming techniques. 

Nutrition: We support the UN-led Sustainable Development Goal of ending all forms of malnutrition by 2030. We are working hard to integrate the prevention and control of all forms of malnutrition in our Food Security programmes.

Disaster and resilience: We support farmers as they become more resilient to disasters, both human, such as wars, and natural such as hurricanes and flooding. So if the worst happens communities won’t lose desperately-needed food and farmers won’t lose their hard-earned livelihoods.

Emergency response: In times of crisis we provide emergency support. We are keen that these responses promote people’s dignity and gives them control. We believe that cash, where appropriate, can be the best way to achieve this. 

Empowerment: We believe the challenges and barriers to overcoming hunger are a result of broken relationships and inequalities – both in the affected region and worldwide. By empowering communities and promoting equality, it actually becomes easier to tackle hunger. 

Church: We prioritise working through the local church. Again and again, local churches are a catalyst for change and transformation in a community. They can make change possible, restoring those broken lives and broken relationships that feed poverty.

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