Imagine if you had nothing but leaves with which to feed your hungry children - but that’s the shocking reality for Matunda from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). After a hard day’s work, all she gets in return is a handful of cassava leaves and yams.

Matunda and her three children are Mbuti pygmies. The Mbuti are stigmatised people and many people in their country consider them to be sub-human. They live in a remote village, deep in the forests of war-torn DRC.

The villagers sleep in makeshift huts with just one cooking pot for the entire village. There’s no safe drinking water, no school and no medication. It’s poverty on a scale that is difficult to comprehend here in Scotland.

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The only way to get something to eat is to make the long journey to their nearest town, where they work in exchange for food on other people’s farms. ‘We don’t have the tools to cultivate our own land,’ Matunda explains.

They are paid in scraps of food, but it’s barely enough for them to survive. Matunda and her family only eat one small meal a day. Not only that, but the harsh diet of boiled yams and cassava leaves gives her and her children terrible stomach pain.

'I feel incredibly sad when I don’t have anything to give the children, but I don't know a place where I can get more food' says Matunda

Give £6 a month


But there is hope, because the church is here.

Through the local church in nearby Madzangina, we’re reaching out to Matunda and the other Mbuti Pygmy families - helping them acquire the tools and skills they need to grow their own food. And, throughout this process, we’ll be helping them understand their true value as people loved and created by God.

At Tearfund Scotland, we are working to see families in the DRC like Matunda’s living with dignity, being equally valued and living free of violence and abuse. We’re asking you - and others in Scotland - to support crucial work like this, and other communities facing severe hardship. Your regular gift will help end extreme poverty where the need is greatest around the world.

Just £6 a month for a year could provide the necessary tools and seeds for ten people in the DRC to grow their own food and provide for their families.

Give £6 a month
Help where the need is greatest
£6 a month for a year could provide the necessary tools and seeds for ten people to grow their own food and provide for their families.
£11 a month for a year could help to train twelve people on vital irrigation farming techniques.
£14 a month for a year could enable thirty-two Mbuti Pygmies to attend a workshop to develop peaceful co-existence with the neighbouring communities.
Your gift will go where the need is greatest to bring an end to extreme poverty.