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Every year, thousands more people hear about the great work Tearfund is doing around the world. And that happens because of people like you, willing to spread the word (we’ll happily fill you in on the latest exciting things we’re involved in).

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You feel instantly welcome and you are placed among friendly co­workers in a team where you learn a whole range of skills and get a chance to roll your sleeves up and be part of a great event as well as part of a big worldwide push to stop child trafficking.

Sarah Joshi

Our Events This Year


Spring Harvest 
New Wine
Minehead, TA24 5SH
2019 - Applications not yet open

The East of England Showground, PE2 6XE
2019 - Applications not yet open
HTB Focus
Wiston House, BN44 3DZ
2019 - Applications not yet open

Somerley Estate, BH24 3QG
2019 - Applications not yet open
Creation Fest
Wiston House, BN44 3DZ
2019 - Applications not yet open

The Royal Cornwall Events Centre, PL27 7JE
2019 - Applications not yet open
David's Tent

Wiston House, BN44 3DZ
2019 - Applications not yet open

Big Church Live

We have an exciting partnership with Big Church Live joining them on great tours up and down the country. At most Big Church Live events we have a couple of volunteers come an hour or so before doors open to help set up, man and pack down a resource table - we give volunteers more information on what this looks like specifically depending on the tour. Please find the dates and locations for the latest tours below, if there are any dates near you that you would like to join us at, apply now.

 Bethel Tour
06 Oct 18 - Huddersfield
07 Oct 18 - Birmingham FULL
10 Oct 18 - Glasgow FULL
11 Oct 18 - Leicester FULL
12 Oct 18 - Bath FULL
13 Oct 18 - Exeter
15 Oct 18 - Lincoln
16 Oct 18 - Southampton FULL
17 Oct 18 - London - FULL

Volunteer With Us

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    Coffee, brownies, great conversations...
    The Tearfund Cafe is a much loved mainstay at many of the biggest events. You’ll be on hand to serve festival goers delicious ethical drinks and snacks. Also you’ll get to chat with customers about Tearfund.

    You’ll be cheerful, practical, fairly fit and enjoy serving people, even when it gets busy (and it does!).

    Role Descriptions: Cafe Volunteer

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    Exhibition Stand

    If you think everyone should know about Tearfund
    If you want everyone to know about the wonderful work Tearfund does, this could the role be for you.

    Get chatting to festival goers about Tearfund. Leave them excited and ready to support our work. You’ll be ready to chat to complete strangers. And you’ll need to be on your feet for quite a bit of the day, though there are regular breaks.

    Role Descriptions: Exhibition Stand, Audience Team (BCDO only)

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