Where things once grew

Tamam and her family used to live a quiet and comfortable life in Syria. They had a home in the countryside where they reared goats; cultivated fruit, vegetables and herbs; and had an olive grove. She never imagined she would lose it all.


A life in ruins

The conflict came without warning. Armed groups entered her village and cut off the electricity and running water. Crops and animals were lost, and food became scarce. Then, one day, Tamam’s husband died too. With no other option, she took her children and they ran for their lives. A few precious photographs is all that remains of their previous life.

‘My husband, the garden, my home... they're all gone, but I remain.’

Fragments of hope

Tamam’s home is now two rooms in a slum in Lebanon. It is cramped and dangerous. Life is hard, but there are fragments of hope. Tearfund’s local partner, Tahaddi Education Center, is in the heart of the settlement. They provide schooling, trauma counselling and healthcare, as well as business training. Tamam was invited to join their sewing programme.



The chance to flourish

Her new skills now provide her with an income, and she can feed her family. Tamam plans to open a workshop to teach others. Now she dreams of the better life she is building for her children. But there are so many more people like Tamam living in desperate need. Sign up to run with Tearfund and you can give them the chance to flourish again.