What will I get in the pack?

  • A promotional poster
  • Quiz questions and answers
  • Blank answer sheets
  • USB stick containing the quiz film and lots of digital resources
  • Hosts Guide
  • A sample team name card
  • Stickers

How do I register?

Sign up to host a quiz using our simple online form.

Do I have to do the quiz on the 16 November?

We’d love everyone across the country to host their quiz on the same night. Imagine being part of the biggest multi-venue quiz ever! If 16 November isn’t possible for you, then it’s fine to hold your quiz on a different day (see below).

What if we have to hold our quiz on a different day?

If for whatever reason you can’t do your quiz on 16 November, then there’s no problem with holding your quiz on a different day – just let us know when you register by contacting teamtearfund@tearfund.org.

How do I record the number of participants?

We’ll have an online dashboard ready on the night where you can tell us how many people are taking part in your quiz. All you need to make use of this is a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It’ll also show you how many others are taking part across the country. There will be more info about how to use the dashboard in your Big Quiz Night pack.

How do I send the money in?

The most cost-effective way to pay in the money you raise is through our online form. If you’d prefer to pay by bank transfer, our details are as follows:

Account number: 5380 3058
Sort code: 20-00-00
Account name: Tearfund
Please email giving@tearfund.org to let us know you’ve made a transfer for your Big Quiz Night, quoting the name of your church/venue, as well as the church/group supporter number if you know it.

If you’d prefer to pay by cheque:
To ensure the money reaches us safely, please make cheques payable to Tearfund. If you’ve collected cash, please bank it and send us a cheque from your personal or church account using the forms in your pack, addressed to:

England/Wales: Tearfund, 100 Church Road, Teddington TW11 8QE
Northern Ireland: 241 Newtownards Road, Belfast BT4 1AF Scotland: Suite 529-534, Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington Street, Glasgow G2 6HJ.

Don’t forget to tell us it’s from your Big Quiz Night, and please include the name of your church and host.

What if we don’t have internet access?

You won’t need the internet to run the quiz – all you need is a laptop, projector and sound. Plug in the USB stick and away you go. We will provide everyone with paper versions of the quiz for anyone who doesn’t have the techy stuff.

What’s a USB stick?

A USB stick is a small storage device that plugs into your computer/laptop. All the files you need to run your quiz can be easily downloaded once the stick has been plugged into your computer/laptop’s USB port.

What’s on the USB?

  • The full 8-round quiz and Tearfund film in one ‘plug and play’ format
  • All of the question and answer rounds as individual files
  • Two bonus rounds if you want more!
  • Tearfund Powerpoint slides
  • Questions and answers
  • Blank answer sheets
  • A5 promotional flyer
  • Big Quiz Night logo
  • Images for social media

What if we don’t have a screen and projector?

If you don’t have a screen and projector, don’t worry, you can still take part. Paper versions of the quiz are in the pack with an answer sheet, so all you have to do is nominate a Quiz Master for the night to host the rounds.

How many people should be in each team?

We recommend between four and six, but you can be flexible. Mix up the age groups if you can, to ensure a good range of knowledge in each team.

How many teams can we have?

As many as you like – this is a great opportunity to invite friends, family and people from your wider community.

Can we serve food and drink at our quiz?

It’s entirely up to you and what you think is best – take a look at our guide for ideas about how to plan your event.

How much should I charge?

We recommend a donation of £5 per person, but it’s up to you. Another option is to ask people to donate what they think the event is worth. If you’re putting on food and drink then you might want to ask for more to help cover the costs. Have a look at our fundraising guide if you need any more guidance.

Can we claim Gift Aid on people’s donations?

You can only claim Gift Aid on voluntary donations, not on payment for goods and services, including ticket sales. For example, if you charge £1 for a cake you can’t get the 25p Gift Aid. But if you offer cakes for sale and people voluntarily give £1 you can claim 25p – provided the person donating is a UK taxpayer and they fill out a Gift Aid declaration on the giving form (available to order).

I don’t want to organise a quiz, just attend one.

As venues register for the Big Quiz Night from September, they’ll appear on our map, with contact details so you can find your nearest one. Or, you could persuade your own church to host.

How do I order more resources?

You can order all our Big Quiz Night resources on our online resource hub.

What resources are available to order?

  • Promotional posters
  • Team name cards
  • A winners’ trophy
  • Stickers
  • Giving forms

What subjects will the quiz cover?

All the favourites, including general knowledge, sport, food and drink, nature, famous quotes, geography, film and TV, sport and music... and a picture round, of course!

Can I sell cakes on the night to raise money?

Absolutely. Feel free to add any fundraising ideas you like. We’ve put together some ideas of our own on the Big Quiz Night guide page.

Where will the money raised go?

Your Big Quiz Night will help transform the lives of people like Martha and her son Benjamin who lost loved ones as well as their home when conflict devastated their Nigerian village.

Can I use the quiz as a community outreach event?

Definitely, you can download flyers and posters for the event on our resources hub.

What time will we need to start the quiz?

If you are following the recommended eight rounds, the quiz is likely to take an hour and forty-five minutes. We recommend that you start at 7.45pm – then you’ll be finished by 9.30pm. But it’s up to you! Attendance numbers will need to be submitted by 8.30pm so that everyone can see the total number.

Can I change the running order?

Yes. This year’s quiz is designed to be used flexibly by those who want to. Or there’s the plug and play option if you prefer.

Can I host the quiz live and not use the quiz film?

Yes: your quiz, your choice! The Tearfund promo film is available as a separate file on the USB if you just want to use that.

Can I add extra rounds?

Yes, if you want to. Feel free to tailor the rounds to suit your guests. You could even write your own local knowledge round.

Can I pause the quiz film wherever I want?

Yes, the USB will provide you with lots of flexibility to run the quiz how you want to.

What’s the best way to organise teams?

The more mixed the teams are in terms of age, interests and so on, the more questions they’ll be able to answer. We recommend four to six people per team where possible.

Is the quiz family friendly?

We’ve designed the quiz to suit all ages (although a seven-month-old may struggle), so expect questions that span the generations, from high school upwards.

What’s the suggested age for the quiz?

See above.

Last year had some really hard questions that put me off doing it again.

Please stay with us! We listened to your feedback and have provided a more accessible quiz this year, with more rounds and a broader range of questions.

When will I be sent my pack?

Packs will be sent out from September.


What’s on your USB and how to use it

The USB contains all the computer files you need to run your Big Quiz Night:

  • All eight standard quiz rounds on a single film file, including pause points and a short film of Tearfund’s work in Nigeria.
  • All eight standard quiz rounds as separate film files, so that you can play them in whatever order you like, or miss out rounds – questions and answers are on separate files.
  • Two bonus quiz round films – if you plan to hold a longer quiz you can add Quotes and Food And Drink rounds
  • Questions and answers: a single (PDF) file with all the quiz questions and answers for your reference or if you want to host each of the quiz rounds yourself.
  • Just the answers: a single (PDF) file with all the answers for your reference or confirmation on the night.
  • Quiz promo slide – a presentation slide for you to display on the night
  • Tearfund intro slides – two presentation slides that provide a quick summary of Tearfund and how we work
  • Tearfund introduction script – a short intro to Tearfund script for the quiz host to read out on the night
  • Promotional flyer – a small (A5) promotional leaflet for you to download, print and giveaway to advertise your event.
  • Digital resources to share – a series of promotional images for you to share on a variety of social media channels (and on your website) – each has been created in a suitable size and format:
    • Facebook image
    • Instagram image
    • Twitter image
    • Website image (large)
    • Website image (small)

How to use your USB

(also known as a pen drive, memory stick, flash drive)

You can find the square USB stick attached to the front of the Big Quiz Night pack sent to you in the post. To use it: peel it off, flick it open then plug it into a computer or laptop and view/download the files. Make sure you put it in the right way with the metal strips facing upwards.


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