East Africa Crisis Appeal

East Africa Crisis Appeal

In early 2017 a severe food crisis struck East Africa. One year on, the situation there is still critical.

A devastating drought compounded by regional conflicts left 23 million people in need of food, water and medical treatment. Tearfund launched an emergency appeal for the region with further support from the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Thanks to the generous response to this appeal so far, we are continuing to provide life saving aid across the region.

Tearfund continues to provide emergency assistance across the region. We will also be working with communities to help them become more resilient to any future crises, as well as helping them to recover their livelihoods.

You can learn more about how your support has been put to work in this short video.

However, the situation remains desperate in 2018. The region is facing its fifth consecutive year of below average rainfall and there is still need on a vast scale.

Please give and pray now for people suffering in East Africa.

East Africa Crisis Appeal

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