Devastation in Christopher’s village

Christopher grew up in a peaceful community in Nigeria, with people from many different cultures and religions. But, when he was 20, conflict and division arose; friends turned into enemies and the community became segregated. ‘During the attacks, they came with guns and knives,’ says Christopher. ‘A lot have been killed… my friends who I grew up with.’

‘There was peace back then, but now no more.’

Giving peace a chance

But, when Christopher was invited to a series of seminars by Tearfund partner Scripture Union West Africa (SUWA), everything changed; people came together and learned how to get along. And, wonderfully, Christopher had a change of heart. ‘We learnt about the importance of living in peace,’ he says, ‘And the importance of being kind.’

Sewing machine

Sewing seeds of peace

Through SUWA, Christopher learned tailoring skills and opened a shop called Man of Peace to spread the message of nonviolence. He teaches young people how to sew, and currently works with more than 200 students. Christopher says, ‘God says we must make peace. I believe God wants us to come together as one.’

‘This [sewing lessons] will help people. I am ready to help them.’

The power of simple

Choosing peace instead of unforgiveness is costly. But it was a simple choice that turned Christopher into a peacemaker. And you can help groups like SUWA to spread peace with a simple choice: make a monthly gift to Tearfund. Month after month, you could be empowering the peacemakers, the poverty-enders and the bringers of hope around the world.

Your gift is powerful in God's hands.
£49 could enable one youth leader to attend a peacebuilding workshop.
£4 a month, for a year, could provide peacebuilding training for one youth leader.

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