Crops just weren't growing

The destruction of trees in Pastor Emmanuel’s community – for firewood and to make way for new roads – is having a big effect. Air quality is falling and the soil is losing essential nutrients. As a result, the harvests are poor.

‘When trees are cut down, the whole environment is a mess.’


The church was mobilised

Pastor Emmanuel and his church have received training from Tearfund’s local partners. Together they learned how to become agents of change in their community. One thing that they are doing is trying to improve their environment. And they’re doing that by planting tree saplings.

New beginnings and a brand new start

Deforestation is a big issue in Nigeria, so this is an exciting venture. As the trees grow, the soil will become fertile again, helping the village with future harvests. As Pastor Emmanuel says: ‘We should go back to creation. God created the garden of Eden, and where trees are, the soil is fertile.’

‘It’s important that we plant trees; then we will have good harvests.’

The power of simple

Sometimes the simplest things we do, like planting a sapling, can have a profound, lasting impact. Now you could transform lives like Emmanuel’s, with one simple action: by making a monthly gift to Tearfund. Month after month, you will be unlocking change around the world, leading more communities out of poverty.

Your gift is powerful in God's hands.

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