Joy struggled to make ends meet

For as long as she can remember, Joy has tried to grow enough to feed and provide for her family. However, she couldn’t do it; their land never produced enough food. For as long as she can remember, life has been a struggle. Joy longed for more fertiliser, but that’s expensive stuff.

‘When we got back from school, there was no food for us to eat.’


The power of poo

One of Tearfund’s partners in Nigeria, RURCON, started working in Joy’s village in Nigeria. They invited local families to take part in a special training course. The course was a revelation for Joy: she discovered that she could make her own organic fertiliser out of chicken poo – something she used to throw away.

‘They call me “that farming lady”. They say, “She’s done it again!”’

Unlocking abundance

Joy grows more than enough food now, and she sells whatever’s left over. Now she can pay for her children to go to school. ‘I’m so happy,’ she says. ‘I pray that people will learn from me.’ There are thousands more people who would love to unlock that abundance. A few days of training is all it takes...

Harness the power of simple

Everything changed for Joy with one simple change to her life – using her chickens’ poo! That’s the power of simple. Now you could transform lives with one simple action: when you make a monthly gift to Tearfund. Month after month, you could help to lift more and more families like Joy’s out of extreme poverty.

Your gift is powerful in God's hands.
£16 could provide someone with training in farming methods and agriculture.
£4 a month, for a year, could provide three people with farming and agriculture training.

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