Dorcas – preventing the preventable

Dorcas is a single mother living with HIV. It affects millions across Nigeria. The virus is often transmitted from mother-to-baby during childbirth but that doesn’t need to be the case. When a Tearfund partner invited Dorcas to help tackle the spread of HIV, she jumped at the chance, saying ‘I want to help other people.’

‘We have millions who are HIV positive.’

A friend indeed

And help them she does: Dorcas is a ‘Mother Buddy’. She gets alongside mums-to-be, and offers them friendship and support. She’s open about her own HIV status and gives them the chance to test for the virus. Since she started, there haven’t been any more mother-to-child HIV transmissions in the village. How does she manage it?


The mama-pack

One reason for her success is the mama-pack: a bag containing items for a safe delivery like soap and bleach – she gives one to every expectant mother. It’s such a simple gift. But without it a woman isn’t admitted to clinic – where they will receive the drugs and care that will mean their child is born safely and without HIV.

‘Yes, I can do something. I can work for God and help somebody.’

The power of simple

Thousands of mothers are still passing HIV to their babies in Nigeria. And yet something as simple as a bag of toiletries can help to prevent it. Now you can transform lives with one simple action: make a monthly gift to Tearfund. Month after month, you could be sharing the gift of life and health – harnessing the power of simple!

Your gift is powerful in God's hands.
£9 could provide six mothers with a mama-pack.
£6 a month, for a year, could provide HIV testing kits for two mothers.

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