Ruth was in need of a breakthrough

Ruth is married with five children. Where she lives food is scarce. Her children beg her for more to eat and she can’t pay for their schooling. Ruth is desperate for her life to change but she needs a breakthrough.

‘Not having enough food for my children is a real problem.’


Beans mean hope

When Tearfund partner Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) started working in Ruth’s community, things began to change. Thanks to a special programme, Ruth learned how to plant a bigger variety of crops to grow more food. And it’s making all the difference. ‘If you plant one bean, you can harvest 80,’ she says excitedly.

Life on the up

Armed with her new skills, Ruth is ready for a breakthrough to a brighter future – she plans to send her children back to school and to buy a proper roof for their house. ‘I really thank God,’ she says. Everything Is changing for Ruth. But there are thousands more like her praying for a breakthrough...

‘Pray that God will help so there is a change.’

The power of simple

All it took for Ruth was a little support and a handful of beans! That’s the power of simple. Now you could transform lives with one simple action: when you make a monthly gift to Tearfund. Month after month, you could help to offer a breakthrough to men and women like Ruth.

Your gift is powerful in God's hands.
£6 could help someone to receive livelihood training for one month.
£6 a month, for a year, could provide livelihood training for one person.

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