Ben Cohen

Ben is Web Editor for Tearfund. This can sometimes feel a bit like being ‘senior hairstylist for Bigfoot’ but he does his best. He writes a bunch of stories for the website, regular emails to supporters and much more besides.

Before this, he worked in radio for a spell. Personal highlights include bolting down a bacon sarnie before the Chief Rabbi arrived in the office and interviewing Sooty. He is a member of Grace alternative worship community in Ealing, where he is known for creating an entire Heavenly City out of lemon jelly (to scale, clearly).

    • Partners in Slime

      Think Donald Trump has mastered 'The Art of The Deal'? That's nothing... meet the canniest salesgirls (and boy) this side of Shepton Mallet. People have bought and sold all manner of goods to raise…

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    • Out of the shadows and building peace

      The little-reported conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh still isn’t fully resolved after 30 years. However one man believes he has a surprising peacemaking resource – the region’s wounded and disabled…

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    • A marriage (re)made in heaven

      Robert was an alcoholic. He didn’t want the life, or the family, that he had. His wife Elizabeth and their four children lived in poverty. Elizabeth did what she could to keep the home their family…

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