Latest from Northern Ireland

  • Global Worming

    Earthworms might not be high on your list of ways to overcome poverty; but for Edwin’s family in Bolivia, the humble worm has proved quite the surprise hero!

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: South Africa

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu described South Africa as ‘the rainbow nation’ following the end of apartheid. Numerous tribes and peoples live in the nation, mostly without any inter-racial or cultural fighting...

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  • Bringing light to our lobbying

    Sarah, from the Tearfund Action team shares how last week’s World Bank meetings gave us a crucial opportunity to talk in detail to World Bank officials about our campaign to Light up the Darkness.

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  • Rewired for sound

    A group Sir Cliff supporters hatch an ingenious plan mark the singer’s 60 years in showbiz. The plan goes better than expected and Tearfund benefits to the tune of a few grand.

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  • Labour of love

    Meet Tearfund’s Supporter Care team. They laugh, they pray, they eat cookies. You’ll love them. Team member Taryn Willmer describes life in…

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  • Switching on the world and turning up the potential

    Flick a switch, and your kitchen is flooded with light. At the press of a button your living room fills with music. You only need to turn a dial and your house begins to warm up. So many of us only think about energy when it doesn’t work, or when we are faced with a larger bill than usual. Yet energy can do way more than light up our homes and keep us warm.

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