Cause for thanks: one year on from the Indonesia tsunami


It’s a year this September since Indonesia was struck by the first of two tsunamis in the space of just four months. More than 2,000 people were killed, and 200,000 more lost their homes. Our response was immediate, and we are still working alongside affected communities to help them recover and rebuild. We’ve helped more than 21,600 people so far, including Mrs Sinta from Central Sulawesi island.

Mrs Sinta lost her home and farm when the tsunami struck Sulawesi, but feels fortunate to have escaped with her life. She remembers how the ground seemed to turn to liquid. She fled to a camp following the disaster, along with thousands of others.

During what has been a traumatic time, Mrs Sinta is thankful for many things. She says God has been at work even in the midst of the suffering. ‘People did not care as much for each other before, as they do now,’ she says.

Hope for the future
Mrs Sinta is also deeply thankful for the help she’s received through Tearfund’s emergency response. She was given food to help her through the hardest times, and was also given a cash grant to help her get back on her feet. She started a small business, which she hopes to expand in the future.

‘I pray God will continue to bless and give good health to those supporting this work, and to [Tearfund’s partner] staff,’ she says.

As well as distributing emergency food supplies and cash grants, our partners have also enabled children to return to school, helped clear debris and restore infrastructure such as roads, and supported people to find new ways to earn a living. Please keep this work and the people of Indonesia in your prayers.


    Pray for Mrs Sinta and all those still recovering from last year’s tsunamis in Indonesia. Pray that God will strengthen and encourage them.
  • Praise God that our teams and partners have been able to reach more than 20,000 people so far affected by this disaster, and pray this work will benefit many more.
  • The current phase of the response is focusing on helping people to rebuild lost homes and livelihoods. We are also training communities in how to best prepare for natural disasters. Pray that God will be with those leading this important work.