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Act now: ask Boris Johnson to protect people in poverty


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We’ve been campaigning together to build a better, fairer world for everyone through our Reboot Campaign. But when it comes to international development, the UK government has taken a step in the wrong direction. We need to urgently call on the prime minister to ensure that UK Aid serves the world’s poorest people.

On Tuesday, the prime minister announced plans to scrap the Department for International Development (DFID), and merge it with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Why is this cause for concern? UK Aid has helped to transform the lives of millions of people living in extreme poverty. As an independent department, DFID can ensure that UK Aid reaches those who are most vulnerable, doing so with transparency and accountability. This merger puts that at severe risk, as well as undermining the UK’s leadership in international development. 

For people struggling to survive extreme poverty, climate change and coronavirus, this is terrible timing. As Tearfund’s CEO Nigel Harris wrote in our response statement, ‘it is crucial that the UK does not turn its back on the world’s poorest when we are fighting a global pandemic that will hit those most vulnerable… the hardest.’ 

Call on the prime minister to protect UK Aid

We’re joining forces with other charities through Twitter to let the prime minister know in a direct and public way that UK aid must prioritise the world’s poorest people. If you use Twitter, would you join us in asking the prime minister to ensure that UK Aid continues to prioritise those who need it most? 

Tweet Boris Johnson

Dear @BorisJohnson, the UK must not turn its back on the world’s poorest people, particularly at a time of global pandemic. Along with @Tearfund I'm calling on you to #SaveAid - we must fight poverty & support those in desperate need #SaveDFID #UKAid https://bit.ly/3fK6RZV

If you don’t use Twitter, you could include this in a Reboot Message to the prime minister (if you haven’t already sent one).

You can use the graphics below to give your message a bigger impact. You can right-click (or long-press on a smartphone) and save/download the images to share on social media.   



Clare Lyons