2017/18 Annual Report

Transforming lives together

Your support is making a huge impact around the world – and we want to show you how. Our supporters are at the heart of all that we do; without you, we simply wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission to follow Jesus where the need is greatest. It is therefore incredibly important to us that we are as transparent and accountable as we can be – and a big part of that comes through our Annual Report.

The 2017/18 Annual Report shows you in detail where our funding comes from and how we’ve used it to make a difference over the last year. In it, you’ll find all the facts and figures as well as amazing stories of lives transformed by your generosity. We hope you find it informative as well as inspiring.

More inspiring stories from around the world

In early 2017 a severe food crisis struck East Africa, and your generous support continues to make a difference to the region.

Gatherings like ‘Thinking Theology’ in Nigeria are equipping churches to work together to address social issues and take theology beyond the church, out into the world.

Tearfund is joining with churches around the world through the Renew Our World campaign to tackle climate change and help beat poverty.

After experiencing the trauma of fleeing her village and living in a refugee camp, Sorella met a Tearfund partner and started her journey of triumph

Musician, Christian, Hero. In 1968, David became a Christian and one of Tearfund’s first supporters. David tells us why giving God a chance is a decision he’ll never regret.

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