The Bee's Knees

By Fiona Michael

A year ago I decided to make a radical change in my life – one that has opened up a whole new world to me! It was a small change, and I made it because I became increasingly aware of the amount of plastic wrapping I was throwing away as I cleared out the lunchboxes every evening.

I took the plastic pledge by switching from using freezer bags and plastic wrap to beeswax wraps for the lunchbox sandwiches.

Initially I bought a pack and I was a bit sceptical they would actually work. I was instantly hooked on using them! For our family, beeswax wraps are the way forward. As far as I am aware my children are the only children in their school using beeswax wraps for their sandwiches (about which they feel quite proud, so they tell me). I hang them up on a makeshift washing line above my kitchen sink, and they dry well and are easy to store.

Whilst I chose to buy my first wax wraps from a local supplier, I have now decided to make my own to cut costs. I don’t buy the material – I use whatever cotton material I have in the house (currently from an old clean shirt) and keep the remainder for dusters. If big enough, they wrap loaves of bread, cover plates and can also be used in the fridge or freezer. When they have come to the end of their life you just compost them. I’ve had mine 12 months and they are still going strong.

For me, the amount of plastic wrapping I was throwing in landfill has dramatically decreased by just using wax wraps five days a week. I still need to address other things – the crisp-packet conundrum is just one example. Currently those very non-biodegradable packets share the same space as the beeswax wraps in the lunchbox, which seems wrong.

I live in a beautiful rural part of Wales. I love walking along the coastal path and on the beaches and see the beauty in God’s creation every day. I want to look after this planet and encourage my children to do the same. Don’t get me wrong, we are not a zero-waste family by any stretch of the imagination! But if we try to do what we can, our plastic pledge can make a difference.