Prayer Team

The rather mysteriously named Prayer Team is made up of a number of writers working closely with country and development experts in the UK and overseas. Prayer is the lifeblood of everything we do. We depend on it, because we can't hope to bring healing to a suffering world without God's help. To pray with us regularly, you can sign up to our weekly prayer email as well as our WhatsApp prayer alerts.

    • In all things, give thanks

      Yolande lives in Bangui, the capital and largest city of the Central African Republic (CAR). Life has not been easy for Yolande. At 43 years old, she has never been to school; growing up, she felt…

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    • Weathering the storms

      The terrible floods in South Asia highlight just how vulnerable poor farmers are. In a moment they have lost everything and when the waters recede they will have to start again, knowing that floods are a cyclical event.

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    • The church beats hunger

      There is a thief on the loose in Malawi – rampaging through villages stealing purpose, dignity and dreams. The thief is hunger. But the church is on the move against it.

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    • Nepal Two Years After the Quake

      On the 25th April 2015 Central Nepal was hit by the first of two major earthquakes – the most powerful in over 80 years. The quakes and aftershocks killed nearly 9,000 people in total and injured…

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    • A Healing of the Heart

      For several years, the Central African Republic has been torn apart by conflict. A conflict that resulted in the killing of civilians, and the burning and looting of houses.

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