Age 13, Seng worries about his family and how his mother, Rim, will provide enough food for them, now their father has left. His mum says he’s the man of the house now. Rim doesn’t have a job. When it’s the rainy season she goes out to dig up crabs to sell to tourists. When it’s dry she doesn’t have any income.

‘My mother says she believes God will provide for our needs – she feels it in her heart. I believe it too,’ says Seng. ‘The church have just started a new chicken raising group, which my mother has joined. She has learnt how to look after chickens. My mother is excited to try something new.’

Thanks to Tearfund’s partner providing training, Seng’s life and that of his family is beginning to change. They are determined to use their God-given skills and potential that they have to lift themselves out of poverty.

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