• Abroad love

    Many people find romance when they travel abroad. Three people who volunteered overseas with Tearfund Go describe how they discovered different forms of love – of family, of God and of justice.

  • Defender of widows

    Losing a spouse is heartbreaking under any circumstances. But when you’re living in poverty it becomes a challenge we can scarcely imagine.

  • Manning Up

    'What is masculinity?' It's a controversial question. It also gets people talking in Chad, where Tearfund ran a course called Transforming Masculinities.

  • Swept Away

    One man in Freetown, Sierra Leone has his home and livelihood swept away in a mudslide. Tearfund's partners in Sierra Leone help him make a fresh start.

  • Leaving the past behind

    Warning: this article contains reference to sexual violence Camila* (21) used to start each day weighed down with the struggle to provide…