• Top banana

    The solution to a person's poverty can come in all shapes and sizes. For Chaya, it came in the form of fried bananas... Chaya is a singer…

  • Lifting weights

    Since the violence began in early 2011, almost 12 million Syrians have fled their homes. Anger and depression are common after the trauma, particularly amongst men who feel the weight of responsibility for their families. Tearfund partners are using exercise as a vehicle to build peace, joy and strength.

  • Overcoming plastic guilt

    Ever felt rubbish about buying single-use plastic? Kiran writes about his experience with plastic guilt, and how we can overcome it to make change happen.

  • The fullness of life

    Jesus famously offered his disciples life ‘to the full’ (John 10:10). This has also been translated as life ‘in all its fullness’ and life…

  • A love that lasts

    On her four-week placement with Tearfund Go in Cambodia, Kate Millar saw the power of loving people for the long run. ‘You can count the…

  • Peace for Oluchi

    Violent conflict left Oluchi a widow. Bitter and angry, she struggled to sleep. It is in forgiveness that she has found peace and new hope. In the wake of such traumatic events, often the deepest scars are those we cannot see.

  • Small farms, big dreams

    For many years, Emiyas relied on traditional farming methods. But they are becoming more and more ineffective in the face of climate change. Small-scale farmers like Emiyas are suffering from this growing threat...