Stories about: Tanzania

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  • The burning issue of the plastic crisis

    Plastic waste is ruining landscapes and filling oceans. But it’s also harming the world’s poorest people. Tearfund’s latest report, The Burning…

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  • 'I want to be like the crazy lady'

    To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, we tell the story of a remarkable woman who trusted herself when all around people doubted her……

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  • Seeds of hope for Aksa

    Aksa from rural Tanzania struggled to grow enough food to feed her children. Then she learned the secret of 'farming God's way'.

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  • Letting in the light

    If you ever journey to the remote Tanzanian district of Manyoni you will see hundreds of Fireflies. Families use Fireflies to read by, to work with…

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  • A Better Balance

    How the women of a village in rural Tanzania are changing their destinies and winning respect from the men.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Tanzania

    Tanzania has vast natural resources, trades across Africa and sends peacekeepers to UN missions. And yet, 32 per cent of the population – more than 17 million people – live in extreme poverty...

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  • solar panels

    Renewable energy... we’re big fans

    For World Environment Day, Sarah Edwards, a senior campaigner at Tearfund, explores some of the myths around renewable energy. Here, she shares stories from her recent visit to Tanzania and explores the difference that renewables can make to people living in poverty.

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  • Lighting up the nations

    Jo, who is part of the Tearfund policy team has been in Washington for the past week, meeting with the UK representative on the Board of the World Bank and World Bank officials.

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  • Who's got the power?

    Renewable energy is amazing! Off-grid sources of power such as solar and small-scale hydropower often provide people with electricity for the first time.

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