Stories about: Hygiene

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  • It takes a village (to stay healthy)

    Hla and her family were often suffering with sickness and struggling to afford healthcare. But Hla’s life – and her whole village – changed when she…

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  • Next to Godliness

    Some people are never without their fitness trackers. Zargul from rural Afghanistan has a ‘wellness tracker’ and she keeps it in her pocket. ‘I carry…

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  • Fifty years fifty countries Afghanistan

    Tearfund has been working in Afghanistan since 1971. This is a country of majestic mountain ranges and magnificent lakes, but its beauty has been marred by decades of strife. Images of pain, poverty and a seemingly hopeless cycle of conflict are more often associated with this country.

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  • Coming home

    Having spent nine years in displacement camps, Fikiri Madisi and his family were looking forward to coming home. But on arriving back in their village of Mwandiga in the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the family discovered that conditions there were not much better.

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  • Out of the woods

    Yamite is 25 years old and a mother of four. Like any mother will tell you, life with small children is loud, busy and messy. But, thankfully for Yamite, not quite as messy as it could be.

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  • Suds away!

    Sun, sea, savannas…and skin irritations. Until recently, this was life for the people who live in the Ibans Lagoon in La Mosquitia region of Honduras along the Caribbean coast.

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