Prayer alert: Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake


North eastern Afghanistan was struck on Monday by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, which also affected parts of Pakistan and Northern India. The epicentre occurred near the town of Faisalbad in the Afghan province of Badakhsan, which borders Pakistan, Tajikistan and China.

We are unlikely to know full extent of the damage and the number of casualties for several days because the region is so remote and the area affected is widespread. Initial reports indicate that at least 52 people have been killed, hundreds more injured in Afghanistan, and a further 214 killed in Pakistan.

Although the depth of the quake’s epicentre reduced the extent of surface level tremors, an earthquake of this magnitude is still likely to have caused considerable damage and human suffering. So far, 1,500 homes are reported to have been damaged.

Please pray:

  • For those who have lost loved ones and for God to bring them comfort and strength in this difficult time and over the coming days.
  • For families whose homes have been damaged or destroyed. Pray that God will enable them to find shelter and the resources and support to cope over the next few months so they can rebuild and recover as quickly as possible.
  • That those responding with humanitarian aid to the affected communities will be able to respond swiftly and effectively, despite the significant security challenges of the region.
  • For the safety of those in the region as potential aftershocks occur.
  • Thank God that Tearfund’s partner and country staff in both Afghanistan and Pakistan are safe.

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