We're Only Human

One musician’s response to the refugee photos that moved a nation.

When pictures of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi were first published a few weeks ago, millions of people found themselves deeply affected by the image. People kept asking ‘what can I do?’

Singer/songwriter and Tearfund supporter Tom Read turned his feelings into a song. As Tom explains on his website:

Tom Read
Tom Read

‘These past few days, I’ve cried more tears, signed more petitions, and given more money to charity than I ever have in my life. Though not enough, I’m doing what little I can do.

‘Music has always been therapy for me. When I don’t know what to say, I use music to help process my thoughts. Songwriting is one of the main ways that I can express myself and all the thoughts and feelings I don’t know how to deal with. Yesterday I sat down at the piano and wrote this song pretty much straight out in response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

‘I don’t want anything from this, other than to share this in the hope that we can see these refugees for who they are: human beings just like us. These beautiful Syrian children and their families deserve our help.’

You can hear lots more of Tom’s songs at his website http://tomreadmusic.com

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