Winter comes to the Middle East


Thousands of Syrian refugees have received heaters, blankets and fuel vouchers from Tearfund to cope with blizzards that have affected Jordan this week. Five hundred families benefited from our latest distribution of items to protect people from wintry conditions.

Mother-of-six Hadba, who received help last month, explained why it is so badly needed: ‘The weather is very cold. There is a lot of damp in the house where we are living. We don’t have enough blankets, and we only have one heater, but it doesn’t work well. All my children are sick because they are cold at night, so these items will help us.

‘We came here to Jordan because our house was destroyed. We don’t have anything here. Syria now is miserable, it is destroyed. We can’t go back there — we are afraid. So we don’t know what will happen in the future. We would love to go back to our country. I hope we will get more help. We need so many things.’

Thomas Stocker, Tearfund’s Middle East Response Partners Manager, said, ‘This is a miserable time of year for the millions of refugees across the region, having to cope with freezing temperatures, rain and snow on top of all their other problems. We’re relieved that we were able to equip these vulnerable families before the weather turned.’

You can find out more about Tearfund’s work helping refugees displaced by conflict in the Middle East here.

Please pray for refugees facing freezing temperatures in the Middle East, and that Tearfund’s support helps sustain those living in basic conditions.

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