From the classroom to a hope-filled future

Guelnoji Florence lives in South Chad with her husband and three children. As a child, Florence didn’t attend school and as a result, she never learnt to read or write. Due to her illiteracy, Florence often felt ashamed and isolated from others.

In 2012, Tearfund partner Association Tchadienne d'Alphabetisation, de Linguistique et de Traduction de la Bible (ATALTRAB) opened up a literacy class in Florence’s village. In excitement, Florence registered and then started to attend classes three times a week.

After just a few weeks, Florence began to see change – and after three years, Florence can now confidently read and write.

Thanks to the literacy class, Florence has received enough knowledge to follow up on the progress of her children in school, their health, and in taking care of her family. She is also able to encourage other women in the village to attend the literacy classes. 

Today, Florence serves as treasurer for a women’s group that carries out income-generating activities. At church, she is also the secretary of women leaders’ group.

Florence says, ‘I thank God who provides resources to Tearfund and ATALTRAB so that women like me can attend literacy classes.’

‘I pray that God grants me with good health so that I will be able to continue my learning and motivate other women to follow my example,’ says Florence. ‘I thank all those who have contributed to my change. May God fill them with his rich blessings.’


  • Praise God for such a wonderful testimony. Pray that Florence will continue to encourage and inspire those around her.
  • Pray for all those in the local community. Pray for continued opportunities for more people to learn and discover their true God-given potential.
  • Pray for Tearfund partner ATALTRAB as it continues to bring transforming change and hope to those in need.