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This week many of us have been busy getting the children, or ourselves, back into a new term and a new year – perhaps even a brand new school, college or university. Sometimes with all the preparation, it’s easy to forget to be grateful for the education available to us.

In Uganda things are very different. Although the government has been able to provide a programme of primary education, the quality varies, with some class sizes exceeding a hundred students. There is also a shortage of secondary education.

For the most part the varying standard of education is simply accepted in Uganda as a fact of life. But Tearfund has noticed something happening among the communities it works with through its Church and Community Mobilisation process (CCMP). Run in partnership with the Pentecostal Assemblies of God, the CCMP works through local churches to help people realise how they can create their own solutions to the problems of poverty.

Improving education is not a specific objective of the CCMP, but we’ve found that as people realise their own ability to change their economic situation, their aspirations around education also change. Tearfund research carried out in Soroti, Serere and Kasilo Districts last year investigated these education outcomes. So far the region has seen 72 schools set up or supported by churches, communities and individuals participating in the CCMP.

For example, at Orimai government school, the church community, after completing the CCMP, lobbied for and secured better school buildings. Favour School was founded by a church after CCMP, and Emmanuel School by a couple who had done CCMP and had a desire to see improvements in education.

Thanks to your support, people’s lives are changing completely as a result of CCMP – in even more ways than expected! Tearfund is now looking to give further support and guidelines to those communities trying to secure better education in their area.


  • Give thanks for the way the Lord is using CCMP to increase the aspirations and confidence of people in Uganda.

  • Pray for wisdom and opportunities for Tearfund to support CCMP participants looking to improve local education.

  • Lift up the 72 new or supported schools in Soroti, Serere and Kasilo Districts. Ask that the children will be blessed and encouraged to attain their God-given potential.

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