On our knees for Yemen


Yemen is a country in crisis. More than 18.8 million people urgently need humanitarian assistance – that’s over three-quarters of the population.

A civil war has left thousands of innocent civilians dead and many don’t have access to safe water, food, healthcare or sanitation

Tearfund’s partners are currently working to provide basic hygiene and sanitation packs for some of the most vulnerable people.

One woman explains how she was forced to flee from the bombings in Sa’ada, and was helped by a Tearfund partner:

‘I ran out of the house with nothing in my hands except my children. I could not take any clothes or possessions as there was no place in the truck. We had no cover from the burning sun as we travelled to Sana'a. Air strikes usually target any moving vehicles along the road between Sa'ada and Sana'a. I had to use some pieces of a comic to keep the strong sun away of my children's faces. We arrived to Sana'a, we were taken to a centre to receive emergency water and sanitation assistance.’

Tearfund has launched an emergency appeal to help those whose lives have been turned upside down by the war. You can find out more and donate here.

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