Crying Out For Syria


Answer me when I call to you, my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; have mercy on me and hear my prayer.

Psalm 4:1 (NIV)

Six years on from the beginnings of the Syrian conflict, pray with us for the people of Syria.

On 15 March 2011, major unrest broke out in the Syrian cities of Damascus and Aleppo, escalating a civil uprising triggered earlier in the month in the southern city of Daraa. No one could have foreseen that six years later we would have witnessed so much death and destruction and yet, still not see an end in sight.

Over 400,000 men women and children have been killed – so many lives and futures lost. More than one million people injured, over 3.3 million internally displaced and a further 4.8 million forced to flee to other countries, where they find themselves living in very difficult circumstances.

But God has been present in the midst of the pain – he sees and knows each individual. He hears their cries and ours on their behalf. Will you join us in praying for Syria?

God of mercy, father of the orphans and husband of the widows, we cry out to you for the people of Syria. We pray that you would meet them in their suffering, loss and fear. We ask that you would bring comfort and healing.

We ask for peace and pray that you would bring about reconciliation, overcoming hatred and distrust. We pray for wisdom for leaders on every side and for hearts that will be filled with your compassion.

We thank you for our brothers and sisters working to bring your love, light and truth into the darkest of places. We ask for your protection over them and for strength and courage to continue with the work that you have called them to.

Lord in your mercy hear our prayer, Amen.

What Tearfund are doing

Tearfund have been responding to the crisis in Syria for several years by working through a number of local organisations and church networks across the country.

We serve around 7000 people a month by providing food, basic needs such as blankets, cooking utensils, and health and hygiene requirements, such as soap and women's sanitary items. In addition1500 people took part in our peacebuilding programmes in 2016.

We have recently been involved in distributing food and clothing to 820 households in western Aleppo. Aleppo was once Syria's largest city, with about 2.3 million people living there. Since the middle of 2012 it has been a major battleground in the civil war. In December 2016 government troops took back control of the city.

See a gallery of photos showing Tearfund’s work inside Aleppo, showing life for those who have chosen to remain in the besieged city.

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