For the Love of Cake

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A poem to celebrate Tearfund’s forthcoming Big Bake – from a remarkable 11 year-old supporter.      

Last year we shared the story of (then) ten-year-old Jonathan Bryan and his Tearfund Big Bake fundraising party.    

Jonathan was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and was effectively ‘locked in’ for nine years of his life by the disability. Barely able to move; when he went to school, he was labelled as having ‘Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties’.     

However, it turned out he was rather smarter than that. He was taken out of school for a few hours a day to be taught to read and write. Two years ago he was given a ‘spelling board’, which allowed him to ‘point’ to individual letters with his eyes. It meant that he could speak and write for the first time.      

Jonathan receives award from William and Harry
Jonathan receives his award from Princes William and Harry

It allowed him to, among many other things, start his own blog; Eye Can Talk – where you can read all about his forthcoming appearance on CBBC and his thoughts about receiving a Diana Legacy Award from HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry.    

His ability to communicate through the board has also revealed Jonathan to be a gifted writer of verse; his wonderful poem Jesus’ Beckon featured on BBC Radio 2 on Easter morning.     

Now he’s shared a short poem for Tearfund. It’s to launch this year’s Big Bake – our annual bake-tastic fundraising drive.   

Baking Beauty

Filling, beating, stirring, pouring,

Baking beauty life restoring,

Dripping goodness love in sharing,

Aromatic health repairing,

Pleasant parcels held with pleasure,

Tantalising tastes to treasure.

Jonathan Bryan

Be part of Tearfund’s Big Bake and fight poverty.


Ben Cohen
Ben is Web Editor for Tearfund. This can sometimes feel a bit like being ‘senior hairstylist for Bigfoot’ but he does his best. He writes a bunch of stories for the website, regular emails to supporters and much more besides.