It’s World Food Day

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Each day Christians join together in praying the Lord’s Prayer, asking our Father to supply our daily bread. We ask God to provide us with his precious gift of food and, for many of us, each meal is an opportunity to give thanks for his good gifts.

The season of harvest has always been another time where we recognise God as the giver of our food. It’s a time when we can reflect on his faithfulness in providing for us. It is also a time when we think of those who do not have food, and what we can do to help them.

Giving daily bread
For Tearfund, addressing the issue of hunger has always been part of the work we do. Our brothers and sisters across the world pray for their daily bread as well, yet many of the communities where we work are struggling to feed themselves.

Our partners around the world are involved in many projects aimed at increasing the ability of communities to grow enough food in a sustainable way, training in nutrition and – in times of crisis – providing emergency food assistance.

Waste not, want not
But there is another aspect to our relationship with food. We are thankful for what we eat, but what about the food we waste? According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, a third of all food grown in the world goes to waste.

Enough food is being produced to feed the world’s population, yet there are still some 840 million undernourished people in the world. Here in the UK, we throw away edible food worth £13 billion every year* – enough to fill Wembley Stadium nine times over.

In a world where so many are hungry, this can’t be right. And the injustice doesn’t end there. This wasteful cycle has a big carbon footprint, making climate change worse and leading to more droughts, floods and less reliable rain. Again, people living in poverty are most impacted by this.

That’s why Tearfund also campaigns here in the UK on issues like food waste. We’re currently asking people to consider their own habits in regard to food waste but also challenge supermarkets to do more to prevent waste. Find out more here.

As 16 October is World Food Day, let’s take the opportunity once more to give thanks and to pray.


  • Praise God for his provision in our lives, for the food we have each day and the ways in which we can help those in need.
  • Pray for Tearfund and its partners, that the communities we are working with will be strengthened and able to grow enough food despite the changing climate.
  • Lift up Tearfund’s food waste campaign – Renew our Food. Pray it will have a powerful impact, and that many people will engage with it and the issues being raised.

* Source: 2015 Household food waste in the UK (WRAP, 2017)