Unstoppable love


God’s love is relentless. He is ‘an ever-present help in trouble’ (Psalm 46:1) – and it’s his love that motivates us to go where the need is greatest. With your prayers, we will keep striving to make a difference for vulnerable people around the world, whatever circumstances they face.

It’s hard to imagine suddenly losing one of your parents and your home. But this is what happened to young Sandip*, from a small village in western Nepal. In August 2014 the unthinkable happened: catastrophic flooding destroyed 3,000 homes, including Sandip’s. And the flood took something even more precious from him – his father.

Torrential rains caused rivers to burst their banks, sweeping away homes and livelihoods with little warning. As Sandip’s family ran to escape the waters, his father, Madhav, fell and hit his head. As their home had collapsed, the family took refuge in a temporary shelter.

In the ten days they were stranded there, Madhav’s health deteriorated. They had lost everything and had no money to take him to hospital. After ten more days, he died. Sandip was only seven years old.

Unshakeable hope

Shock and grief encompassed the whole family. Yet, despite this tragedy, there was still hope. God, in his relentless love, was not about to let go of this young boy or his family.

Sandip’s mum, Pratima*, is determined for him to still receive an education. Despite the pain of losing her husband, she knew she had to keep going, and found work cutting meat in a butcher’s shop. It’s not enough to cover her children’s needs, but thankfully our local partner could help through the local church.

Pastor Rajaram, who leads the church, took the family under his wing and treated them as members of his own. Empowered by the training he received from Tearfund, he also began an after-school tuition class. Tearfund’s partner were able to provide stationery and other school materials. Even after his world crumbled around him, Sandip was able to cling on to the hope of a brighter future.

Building futures

‘Sandip goes to the tuition,’ Pratima, tells us. ‘It has helped a lot to improve his study. He is willing to do extra study. He recently passed his grade.’ Sandip loves his schoolwork. When he grows up, he wants to be a doctor and help people like those affected by the floods.

Working alongside and equipped by Tearfund’s partner in the area, church members gave up their time and resources to build a new house for the family. This was a huge comfort to Sandip’s family.

Nepal faces a lengthy recovery. In addition to the floods of 2014, the country was devastated by two powerful earthquakes in 2015, and experienced more flooding last October. Our staff and partners are working hard to build houses, restore water supplies and sanitation. Please continue to pray for this vital work.

*Names changed to protect identities


  • Lift up Sandip and his family. Pray that God will continue to be close to them in their grief, and pray that Sandip’s dream of being a doctor will come true.
  • Ask God to empower the most vulnerable people with the resources and encouragement they need to build for the future.
  • Pray for people like Pastor Rajaram, who are leading churches at the forefront of the fight against poverty. Pray for God’s strength and provision.

Thank you for your prayers. If you feel moved to give to our spring appeal to help people like Sandip, please visit our appeal page.