Inside out transformation in Cambodia

Our partner World Relief works with some of Cambodia’s most vulnerable communities. Not only does their relational approach release the potential of churches to help communities overcome poverty, it touches the lives of individuals too...

Kannitha, a 24-year-old mother of one, grew up craving a faith that felt real, but struggled to connect with the God she had been taught about.

One day, Kannitha was invited to participate in some skills training with World Relief. As she got to know the staff there, she started to experience the gospel of Jesus. ‘I got to hear and learn about God’s love for the very first time in my life,’ says Kannitha.

Kannitha began to explore the Christian faith, discovering more about Jesus and inviting him into her life. She now volunteers with World Relief, and loves talking about her new-found faith. She finds particular joy in seeing people, ‘not just believing, but (being) fully transformed economically, socially and spiritually.’

It’s not just her faith that Kannitha is excited about, as people in her village are benefiting materially as well as spiritually. Local pastor, Savuth Oum, has been supported to introduce savings groups. This powerful approach is bringing people together to combine resources, face and overcome challenges together, and start to work their way out of poverty. And as lives are changing, relationships are building. ‘I have learned that we came together as one unity in sharing failure, success, sadness and love with one another,’ says Savuth Oum, happily.


Thank you, Lord, for the work you’re doing in the lives of people in Cambodia, and for Kannitha and Pastor Savuth Oum who find such joy in sharing the gospel. We pray your good work will continue through World Relief Cambodia, and for the team that serve you in this region. Strengthen their voices and restore their energy as they go forward in your name. Amen.