Play it again Sam(antha) – our favourite Sir Cliff moments

Great Britain

Sir Cliff Richard means a lot to us at Tearfund. Fifty years ago he started raising money for the fledgling charity, with two special shows at the Royal Albert Hall and went on to publicise our work wherever he went around the world.

What does he mean to our supporters though? We asked them to tell us their favourite song by Sir Cliff and why. Here are just few of the remarkable replies...

Bachelor Boy

‘Cliff was singing this on the television on Sunday night at the London Palladium, when Tony, who became my husband, was asking my Dad if he could marry me!

‘My Dad said to Tony, “Are you listening to what Cliff is singing?” We had a good laugh, then he said yes we could get married. We were married for 47 years before Tony died in 2012.’

Barbara Jenks

We Don't Talk AnyMore

‘Cliff sang it on the last night of Greenbelt '79 when it was number one in the charts. I'm only 5'3" and my husband generously let me sit on his shoulders, making some joke about my having putting on weight.

‘A few weeks later I found out that I had put on some weight: I was pregnant with our first daughter! Still makes me smile to think of it.’

Sue Barrow
Teenage Cliff
Cliff singing 2018
Cliff then and now.

Summer HoLiday

‘When I recently retired from teaching, the staff invited the parents to a special meeting to say goodbye to me.

‘The children and staff all started to sing Summer Holiday as it was the end of the summer term and each member of staff put on a Sir Cliff mask as they sang. Some people were laughing too much to sing.’

Valerie Jones


‘I heard it for the first time when I was struggling with my relationship with God and keeping him at arms length.
‘Some of the words are:
“Now you say you belong to me
Do you ever take the time to ask me
If I want to be more involved in your life
It's so sad
You don't realize
What I can do for you
It's so sad”
‘As soon as the opening bars of music started, my body tingled – I just knew God was about to speak to me through the song I was going to hear, and He did.’

Julia Horner
Cliff playing guitar on flight
'Let's do this show here!': Cliff rocks out impromptu at 29,000 feet

Living Doll

‘As an active Godalming Crusader we were enjoying our 1964 Whitsun weekend Crusader Camp, deep in the Surrey countryside. Imagine our shock and excitement when it was announced that Cliff was dropping by to see us! Cliff had just become a Christian.

‘It didn't take much persuasion for Cliff to put on a concert for the boys. Our free concert was reputedly worth £30,000! We felt like kings. And Living Doll captured my heart.’

Jono (Jonathan) Chamberlain

Little Town

'I was watching Top of the Pops many years ago when Cliff came on singing Little Town. The words 'where meek souls will receive him, still the dear Christ enters in' really got me thinking. I went out the next morning looking at everything in a different light. I bought a Bible and started reading it. Shortly after I became a Christian.'

Suzannah Churchill
Cliff in Tearfund T Shirt
'I'd like to thank my manager...': Cliff shops ethically with Tearcraft.

Bachelor Boy

'My favourite Cliff song has to be 'Bachelor Boy'. After seeing the film Summer Holiday I remember pulling a couple of chairs together in our lounge then standing on them and singing the song to my family, while strumming my sister’s tennis racket. I have been a Cliff fan ever since and was always interested in his Christian faith and first saw him at the Billy Graham Crusade at Earls Court.'

Adrian Medhurst
Ben Cohen
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