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Over the last few months, we’ve been calling on companies to take responsibility for the plastic waste mountains their products are creating in poorer communities. But we can take action in our own lives too by reducing our plastic use. When we do, we’re valuing what God has given us, showing that we want to live in a less wasteful world and loving our global neighbours.

Join us by taking the Plastic Pledge to give up one single-use plastic item for 40 days (or more!). Every single-use plastic item we save is one less thing in a landfill site, ocean or incinerator – or one less thing shipped overseas for another country to dispose of.

With summer in full swing, if you’re hosting a BBQ or organising a picnic with family and friends, here are our top five tips to make it waste-free:

  1. Ditch single-use dinnerware! Swap the plastic cutlery and paper plates for bamboo sets or compostable cutlery. Better still, ask people to bring their own dishes from home.
  2. Thirsty? Quench your thirst with reusable bottles and coffee cups. We suggest steel or glass options as these are longer-lasting and easily recyclable.
  3. Bring home-made food. Picnic stalwarts such as sausage rolls, scotch eggs and pasta from the supermarket are all packaged in single-use plastic. Why not challenge each other and get creative with some home-made alternatives? Buy loose ingredients and whip up something delicious!
  4. Wrap it up with beeswax. Keep your sandwiches safe with beeswax wraps, instead of using clingfilm or foil. If you’ve got fruit or nuts, place them in reusable containers (stainless steel or compostable are best).
  5. Don’t leave the leftovers. Divvy out the extra food and take it home. If you have food waste you need to get rid of, check out the options for composting.

We would love to know what impact our Plastic Pledge has had. Please let us know by emailing, or by sharing your top tip and a photo on social media, using #PlasticPledge @TearfundAct.

Hannah Jones