Praising God and finding hope in Nigeria


With gunshots ringing in their ears, Sarah and her family ran for their lives.

Sarah was three months pregnant when armed men attacked her village in rural Nigeria. Hundreds of thousands of people like her had been forced from their homes by violence. Sarah’s home was burnt down. She went through a frightening time, but is thankful that she, her husband and three children made it out alive.

‘We left the community unharmed, just our house was burnt down. God deserves the praise,’ says Sarah.

Sarah and her family fled to a temporary camp in the town of Jos, where they stayed with hundreds of other displaced families. It was here that the team from Tearfund’s partner, RURCON, was able to help.

‘I got a mattress. I got soap. I got a mat. I got a water tablet for purification of drinking water and cash assistance,’ says Sarah. ‘I’m planning with my husband to save more money to go and rent a room so that we can move out from the camp.’

‘We came to the camp with no hope of receiving anything from anybody. But God raised you to bless us. We are so grateful. God bless you.’

It’s only thanks to the prayers, donations and actions of people like you that we can support people like Sarah when they need it most. Thank you, and please continue to pray.

  • Lift up Sarah and her family today, and others in Nigeria who have lost their homes due to conflict and violence. Pray they will feel God’s comfort and peace, and know his love through the work of local churches and organisations such as RURCON.
  • As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, Prince of Peace, please cry out to God for a breakthrough of his peace in Nigeria and wherever conflict and division are causing people like Sarah to suffer.
  • Pray for Tearfund’s staff and partners in Nigeria as they do all they can to help people like Sarah survive, recover and rebuild.

Sarah features in our Christmas Appeal this year. If you feel led, please donate to help people like her.