Our values

At Tearfund our values are important to us. We are committed to living out these values in our relationships with one another, with our partners, and with everyone we meet as we work together to serve people in poverty.


As Christians, everything we do is ultimately about Christ. We seek to follow Jesus’ example in all we do, including at work. We are therefore committed to maintaining a close relationship with God and upholding the centrality of God in our work. We place a high value on prayer and on the vital importance of loving, respectful relationships.


We care about others and allow that care and concern to motivate our actions. We have empathy with people who are suffering. We value individual and community relationships and show our understanding of people’s struggles in the way we treat them – with kindness and love.


We work with humility, seeking to serve and encourage others and to model servant-hearted leadership. We do not use any perceived position of power to take advantage of anyone. We consider and respect the thoughts and needs of others, and look for opportunities to help each other whenever we can.


We are honest and transparent in every interaction, avoiding false promises and being truthful about our achievements and challenges. We seek and speak the truth whenever we can and expect honesty from each other.


We speak out for the voiceless and uphold justice and fairness. We are prepared to take action when faced with difficult challenges and we address issues openly. We seek to be brave in choosing the right thing to do. We are prepared to admit our mistakes and be honest and vulnerable with each other.